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Falasept express

Falasept express

Quick-acting disinfectant; ready to use

Suitable for the disinfection and cleaning of floorings and other waterproof surfaces. Falasept is virucidal, yeasticidal and to a limited extent virucidal. Effective against all enveloped viruses (corona, influenza, HBV etc.) and against rotavirus and norovirus.
For disinfecting and cleaning waterproof surfaces. Quick-acting (1 Min.) against enveloped viruses (coronavirus etc) and rotavirus, sowie Rotaviren, BVDV, HIV, Vaccinia Virus and MRSA. Gentle cleaning: suitable for use on delicate surfaces such as acrylic glass/ plexiglass, linoleum, PVC, anodized aluminum. For effectiveness and application times, see product data sheet.

Dosage table

Efficacy against Concentration


Enveloped viruses, limited virucidity
(RKI/DVV, low load): BVDV, Vaccinia Virus, HB-V

undiluted 1 min.

Bacteria, bactericidal
(EN 13697, low load): Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus hirae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Listerien, Salmonellen

undiluted 5 min.

Yeasticidal, effective against yeasts
(EN 13697, low load): Candida albicans

undiluted 15 Min.

Frequency of application: 1 – 2x per day or according to the current hygienic standards.

For use in commercial areas, food processing facilities and health care. For communal facilities, nursing homes, gyms, solariums (tanning beds), restaurants, offices, canteen kitchens etc.

Art.-No. Packaging per box per palett pH-value
3748 0,5 l spraybottle 6 456 7,0